The Traffic Jam In My Brain ONLINE - Frequently-Asked Questions

Frequently-Asked Questions about The Traffic Jam In My Brain ONLINE

Q: Can I use a dialup connection to view the course?

A:  No, you need a broadband connection such as cable, DSL, or satellite at a minimum speed of 256k.

Q: Can I watch this from several different sites, some at home, some at work?

A: Yes you can; just log in with your user ID and password. We'll track your progress along the way so that you can pick up where you left off.

Q: Can I watch the course on my mobile device?

A: Yes; we are now using YouTube to deliver the course contents. However it may not work properly from within the YouTube app -- you must watch from within your browser.

Q: What do I need to do on my computer to get ready for the course?

A: Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser. We recommend Firefox, Internet Explorer version 7 or higher, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari all should work fine. You may also need to update Adobe Flash. Also, check that you can hear sound from your computer using headphones or speakers.

Q: Does my computer have enough power to watch the course?

A: If you can watch a video on YouTube, you should be able to watch the course.

Q: I can log in and get to the start of the course, but the video does not play. What do I do?

A: Try restarting your browser or computer, and log in to the course again.

Q: I'm stuck! I have seen a couple parts of the presentation, but now I cannot go forward.

A: The course is set up so that you have to watch each part all the way through before you can go on to the next one. When you get to the end of a part, look for the Continue button at the lower left of the black video player window. Click Continue, the next page will load, then press play.

Q: I do not have an unlimited Internet connection.
How much data will I have to download in order to view the entire course?

A: The size of the raw media files for the course (7 hours of material) is approximately 1.1 GB (1100 megabytes). The video quality will be automatically adjusted depending on the speed of your connection. Additional data needs to be sent back and forth as you view the material; so it is impossible to estimate in advance. If you are viewing the course on a metered internet connection, be aware that it could get very expensive.

Q: I get a message such as "Access Denied" when I try to display the course site. What's happening here?

A: Some computer networks (such as at your school) may have installed blocking software that prevents the transmission of audio/visual material. There is nothing that Sensory Tools can do to get around this blocking. You may have to view the course material on another computer, or arrange with a network administrator to remove the block. If they need additional information, ask them to contact techsupport at sensorytools dot net

Q: Can I watch the videos at any time and may I view a video or parts of a video more than once while the course is active?

A: Yes, the videos may be viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while the course is active. You can go back any time to review material you have already watched, but you have to go forward in sequence.

Q: Can I stop and rewind to take notes, or does it just play through?

A: You can pause, rewind, and go back to any segment that you have already seen.

Q: Sometimes the sound and/or video is glichy or stuttering. Why?

Glitches in sound or jerky video can happen for some of these reasons:

  1. Your broadband connection is not fast enough. We are presenting high-quality video to you, and so it can take a long time for each piece to be transmitted to your computer. This can be the case if your broadband connection is (for example) 256K DSL. Please try the procedure below (play / pause / load / play).
  2. Temporary pauses in the transmission from the server.
    It is always best to wait until each “part” loads at least part of the way. Watch the white progress bar at the bottom of the screen before pressing play.
    1. press play
    2. then once the video starts...
    3. press pause
    4. then watch the gray progress bar move along
    5. wait till it gets half way
    6. then press play again to watch the whole section
  3. Watching video on the full screen is more difficult for your computer than watching in a small window.
  4. There are other programs running on your computer that are taking away from its power to display the video smoothly. Quit all programs except for your web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.)
  5. For more information, you can check the speed of your internet connection at

Q: What do I do if I have a problem not answered here?

A: We are a small company, but we will do everything we can to solve your problem before the end of the course. Please contact us — USA / Australia