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Dr. Julia Wilbarger & Patricia Wilbarger AUGUST 2014
Sensory Defensiveness: A Comprehensive
Treatment Approach

Melbourne: 2 & 3 August 2014
Sydney: 9 & 10 August 2014
2.5 day course AU$795 (early bird rate)

The M.O.R.E Course MAY 2015
Presented By International Presenters, Authors and Speakers: Patricia Oetter And Eileen Richter

Melbourne: 9 & 10 May 2015
Sydney: 16 & 17 May 2015
2 day course AU$795 (early bird rate)

Online registration and most of the course brochures are available now. Gen Jereb recommends these courses very highly. We urge you to register early as tickets will be in very high demand and also strictly limited.

“Starfish” from The Traffic Jam In My Brain ONLINE

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